Slips and Falls: Are You Taking The Risks Seriously?

A jury verdict came in this week in a slip and fall case at a Popeyes restaurant. Looking at the published details of the case, it was interesting how much of the contesting of the case focused on the level of damages. This highlights a few things that restaurant operators need to keep in mind when planning their prevention efforts:

1. Any given slip and fall can result in a wide range of outcomes. The level of injuries isn’t always predictable by the nature of the fall itself. 

2. Minor falls can be just as instructive to hazard recognition and prevention efforts as major ones. We need good systems to use the information that comes our way.

3. It’s a combination of the way a facility is designed, the way it’s managed,and  how issues are identified and addressed that makes up the risk picture someone using a given walkway faces.

When was the last time you reviewed your procedures and practices?

News Flash: Hard, Shiny Floors are Slippery When Wet!

Shiny Floor

Yes, this is what a hard shiny floor looks like!

Yes, that’s right. Hard flooring surfaces with a glossy finish are slippery when wet. It’s 2014, and there are still no exceptions to that fact. Yet as I toured one of the more upscale locations of a large restaurant company that I was working with, the restroom floors were done up exquisitely in highly polished natural stone. The look was very refined, the gloss was practically blinding. And the floor was not well suited to the conditions it would face regularly. We are not talking a hallway like the hotel image featured above, we are talking inside a restroom!

Here’s a series of truths that shouldn’t be so hard to understand: Continue reading

How High-Impact Safety Consulting Works: An Example

Recently one of my clients related how difficult it had been to understand how really top-notch workplace safety consulting actually works, and what sort of things take place as part of the consulting project. Prompted by his suggestion, I will be sharing some additional examples of real-world applications from my experience improving the safety and risk control of various kinds of organizations.

Apartment Complex

High-rise apartments (not from the company mentioned in this article)

Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention for Multi-Unit Housing
The subject company was a property management firm with nearly 3000 apartment units at 14 locations along the West Coast. These were mostly upper-middle tier units, with some older locations but most less than 10 years old. Individual apartment complex size ranged from a few small properties with less than 30 units to a significant number of larger properties with 200-400 units per location. The particular issue that I was brought in to address was slip, trip, and fall prevention. This is an account of how we worked together to make a huge impact on an important issue. Continue reading