Safety Program Development

We can help you establish a safety program from the ground up, considering your business, environment, and resources. Are you confident in your compliance with the State of California’s required Injury and Illness Prevention Program standard? We’ll begin there, with a foundation of essential compliance, and then move into elements focused on more advanced accident prevention. Our goal is always to establish a program that can be internally sustained, so that you can stay up-to-date and confident.

Safety Program Implementation

Putting your safety program into practice requires careful planning, resource allocation, and ongoing oversight. We can help you at each stage of your program’s implementation, with planning, resource needs, documentation, oversight, and guidance for those implementing your program.

Workplace Safety Inspections

Regular inspections are a basic part of any effective safety program, but they are often neglected or not conducted consistently. We can help you develop an inspection process, customize forms, establish accountabilities, and train your staff in the conduct of inspections. We’ll help you establish a workable system that is immediately usable, and can carry you from the simplest and most basic inspections all the way to customized PDA-based inspection tools that link to a central database.

Safety Program Audits

Even a well-designed safety program needs to be periodically audited to ensure its effectiveness and check that it is living up to its original intent. We can conduct a detailed review of all elements of your safety program, or help you structure mechanisms for internal auditing.

Safety Training

We can design and deliver specific safety training, either directly or through a train-the-trainer approach. Safety training is one of the key elements of any safety program, and there are dozens of topic areas with training mandated by Cal-OSHA. We’ll help you determine training needs, and get your workforce up to speed with required training. Different topics also require different update intervals, and we can help you determine and sequence update training needs.

Safety Strategy Development

Even in organizations will well-designed and established safety programs, there is a need to think strategically about safety. What effects will future business changes have on your safety performance? How will you plan long-term accident prevention approaches? How can you ensure that your safety programs and processes keep pace with your company’s growth? We’ll help you devise a strategy that will keep you steps ahead of the changing risks your organization faces.

Safety Equipment and Solution Selection

Unfortunately, the bulk of resource information about safety equipment, tools, training materials, and similar safety solutions is often provided by those selling those tools or services. We can provide objective insight into the best solutions for your needs, and we have no financial interest in any provider that could influence recommendations. We can also help you select in-depth assistance for a variety of specialized safety topics.

Targeted Accident Prevention

Large organizations, even with good safety programs, often have one (or several) areas with a history of accidents or risk exposures. We can help you with targeted approaches to address those areas of risk and move toward reduction or elimination of accidents.

Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention

Dynamic Safety specializes in slip, trip, and fall prevention, and can work with you on all aspects of this near-universal issue. We can work with you on flooring selection, care, and maintenance, footwear issues for your workforce, and behavioral approaches that lead to fall risks or prevention. We can also help with preparation for litigation, including detailed surface evaluations and expert courtroom testimony.


Tool, equipment, workspace, and task selection and design, as well as body mechanics training can be tailored to reduce injuries and risks from lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, workstation use, and various repetitive motions. Musculoskeletal disorders, such as back injuries, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome have received much attention in recent years, and are an essential component of the safety efforts for almost every operation.

Accident Investigation

We can help you both with specific accident investigations, and with your internal systems for accident investigation. We can help you with forms, policies, and methods for accident investigation and documentation. When accidents happen, we’ll help you maximize your opportunity to learn from what happened and plan the right approaches for prevention.

Root Cause Analysis

Useful either as a step within the accident investigation process or a stand-alone approach to address complex risks, we can perform root cause analysis, lead your personnel through a team analysis of complex incidents, or train managers in root cause analysis techniques.

Safety Committees

Safety committees have become common in industry today, and can be the backbone of a good safety program. At the same time, committees without the skills to work as a team, or a clear sense of what they are out to accomplish, can be counterproductive. We’ll help you establish a committee, pick members, set roles, establish the goals of your team, and get the team meetings running smoothly.

Safety Skills for Managers

Even in organizations with large dedicated safety staffs, the managers responsible for the operation have a huge effect on the safety performance of the organization. We can train managers on the basics of industrial safety, ways to integrate safety into regular management activities, and how to handle safety challenges.

Behavior-Based Safety

Behavior-based safety has proven itself as a powerful risk-reduction approach in the industry over the last two decades. We can help you with a behavior-based approach, from deciding if your organization is ready for these methods, to embarking on an implementation of your own. We can help you with a direct and practical approach, without oversimplification of the essential concepts of these powerful approaches.

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