Behavioral Approaches

Behavior-based safety has taken become very popular in industry for good reason. It uses the science of behavioral analysis and behavioral modification to create safer workplaces. People at all levels in an organization can take an active role in safety using these techniques, and make inroads into quality and productivity as well. A good behavioral process will be self-sustaining and will grow and adapt over time, offering steady injury rate reduction over time. Controversies arise when there is a lack of understanding of the foundational concepts and an implementation lacks clear direction.

Behavior-based safety approaches can come in many shapes and sizes, from the basic to the in-depth and highly involved system. Depending on your organization’s size, industry, and existing safety programs, a behavioral safety implementation can take many different forms. In any event, the front end of the process is crucial when it comes to setting up goals, roles, and expectations. Large-scale implementations in particular require careful attention to knowledge transfer and support.

We can help you decide between providers for a large-scale externally supported implementation. We can work with you to equip and prepare your personnel for an internally supported large-scale implementation. We can also help you implement on a smaller scale when that is what makes sense for your organization.

We are firm believers in the concepts and approaches of behavioral safety. We have great respect for some of the major companies who provide behavioral safety services, and can help you work with them and get the most of their services.

If you have an existing behavioral implementation, we can help you get the most out of it and maximize your results. In particular, we are specialists in safe behavior definition. Relatively simple definitions can get you a start in behavioral safety, but can only carry you so far. Especially for some of the more persistent and complex accident drivers, attention to how the safe behavior for a given task is defined is necessary groundwork for effective observation, feedback, and use of data.

There are controversies that crop up when behavioral approaches are discussed, but often the issues are with misapplication of behavioral concepts or problems with field implementation. We can work with your internal decision makers to sort out the issues related to deciding on a behavioral approach.

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