OSHA Releases Most-Cited Citations Year-to-Date


Navigators use the stars and other means to chart their course.

Information for Navigation

Just as seafarers navigate with a combination of information from the sun, stars, landmarks, magnetic fields, satellites, and other sources, safety and risk professionals should use a good breadth of the pertinent information at their disposal to best understand and manage the risks their organizations face.

Top OSHA Violations

Last Week, at the National Safety Council‘s 2013 National Safety Congress in Chicago, Federal OSHA released the most-cited workplace safety standards for the current year to date. Not surprisingly, fall protection, hazard communication, and scaffolding violations topped the list.  Some cited areas also have a high number of associated injuries, such as Fall protection, where serious injury totals across many industries have also been high over the years.

Why This is Important

Safety professionals, risk managers, and anyone with responsibilities for safety in the workplace should familiarize themselves with this list. Not only is it useful to know the sort of things that OSHA looks for, it is also very instructive to understand what some of the most common workplace safety issues are across industries. Naturally state OSHA plans have differing lists (and some, such as California, have a differently organized and labeled set of state standards as well). It’s also very important to keep in mind that  any drill-down to specific industries will reveal vast differences as well. Nonetheless, this is a good starting point. Which of the following areas represent exposures at your workplace?

9/2013 YTD Federal OSHA Most Cited Workplace Safety Standards

Rank CFR Standard Category Total Violations
1. 1926.501 Fall Protection 8,250
2. 1910.1200 Hazard Communication 6,150
3. 1926.451 Scaffolding 5,400
4. 1910.134 Respiratory Protection 3,900
5. 1910.305 Electrical, Wiring Methods 3,450
6. 1910.178 Powered Industrial Trucks 3,350
7. 1926.1053 Ladders 3,300
8. 1910.147 Lockout/Tagout 3,250
9. 1910.303 Electrical, General Requirements 2,750
10. 1910.212 Machine Guarding 2,700
Note: These are partial year preliminary figures as of 9/13/2013. Totals are rounded to the nearest 50. Source: US Federal OSHA Information System Portal

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