Poll: How Effective are Emergency Preparedness Drills?

September is preparedness month, and I am doing several articles on various preparedness topics. Lately I have been speaking with many front-line employees at various companies and organizations about their business, family, and personal preparedness.

One particular Item I am very interested in is the usefulness of emergency preparedness drills and factors involved in usefulness. I’d appreciate if you could take this super-quick one-item poll about drill effectiveness. (This refers to any preparedness drill, from generic evacuation or fire drills to earthquake or scenario-drills as well) It doesn’t matter how long ago the last drill you experienced was, just your own view of the usefulness. If you are involved in running/managing drills, please answer considering the last time you were a participant in a drill. Any specific thoughts about drill effectiveness are more than welcome in the comments. Thanks for your help!

One thought on “Poll: How Effective are Emergency Preparedness Drills?

  1. In the hospital emergency department they are essential and required two times a year. we wrote and revised our plans depending upon our experience and we had a debriefing after each drill. Each department was trained in theiresponsibility.

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